What we do

The Derwent Catchment Project was set up to assist landholders to restore and maintain natural and agricultural landscapes across this challenging environment, to ensure a prosperous and sustainable future for the Derwent Catchment.

On-ground works

We have assembled an on-ground works crew who know the region and have the relationships, knowledge and equipment to get the job done. The team is out every day, working on best-practice weed management and revegetation projects. We also offer these services as contractors for private jobs.

Facilitation and community

Since 2014, our staff have worked hard to gain support in the region. This support is reflected in the success of the projects that are being delivered in collaboration with our partners and the wider community. Our team employs a facilitated, peer-learning approach to extension which tailors best-practice information to local conditions and incorporates the experience and knowledge of local leaders and modernisers.

Managing projects

Our team has extensive project management capacity, delivering results you can see on the ground. We have expertise in project design, monitoring and evaluation, and a strong desire to get the best outcome for the dollars invested. We have delivered or are delivering multiple large projects through funding from the Australian Government as well as industry and state government.

What we do

Weed management

Strategic cross-tenure weed management programs.

River restoration

Working to remove willows and weeds from rivers to provide access for fishing and recreation, and revegetating the banks with natives to improve river heath

Man planting a seedling


Planting locally grown native species for shelter and shade and to improve biodiversity

Supporting best-practice farming

Working with farmers to improve productivity and natural capital

Conservation action

We have specialist skills and experience in conservation planning, remnant vegetation and threatened species management

Strategic planning

We develop practical strategic plans that guide program activities for best results on the ground

Collaborative partners

Our partners include a wide range of industry, NGOs, government and community organisations collaborating to make a difference on the ground.