Strategic planning

The Derwent Catchment Project develops practical strategic plans that guide program activities to deliver tangible results on the ground. We facilitate several NRM programs with a broad range of collaborators across industry, government and community that benefit from our pragmatic approach to strategic planning. 

Weed management

Cross-tenure, collaborative municipal weed management programs for Central Highlands, Derwent Valley and Brighton Councils that are all guided by five-year strategic plans.

Planning for sustainable growth in Agriculture and Tourism

Funded by the Building Better Regions Fund

A community plan for sustainable growth in agriculture and tourism in the Derwent Catchment. Content for this plan has been developed through a series of workshops and one-on-one interviews with representatives of these industries across the Derwent Valley and Central Highlands. This plan was endorsed by Councils, businesses and community across the catchment who see numerous benefits in cross boundary planning for sustainability.

Download the plan for sustainable growth in agriculture and tourism [PDF]

Tourists standing in a paddock with sheep

Biosecurity preparedness in a changing climate: regional planning for the Derwent Catchment

Funded by the Tasmanian Climate Change Office


The strategic plan for agricultural and tourism growth in the Derwent Catchment revealed the need for regional biosecurity collaboration and planning. This information is essential to support biosecurity preparedness planning by local businesses across both agriculture and tourism sectors.

We developed a strategic biosecurity program for the Derwent Catchment that includes: 

  • analysis of vulnerability to emerging pests, weeds and diseases
  • mapping to incorporate vulnerabilities and emerging threats into existing control programs
  • preparedness planning
  • establishment of a regional biosecurity working group
  • communication and extension products.

Collaborative partners

Our partners include a wide range of industry, NGOs, government and community organisations collaborating to make a difference on the ground.