The Derwent Catchment Project undertakes revegetation activities as part of grant programs and commercially as fee for service

Revegetation projects often go hand in hand with weed control activities, for example river restoration programs where we remove willows and other woody weeds and then revegetate the banks with native plants to improve biodiversity and reduce the capacity for weeds to come back. We also undertake restoration planting working with farmers to fence off areas (for example north-facing slopes) with the aim of returning these areas to native vegetation over time.

We support farmers and landholders with native plantings as part of shelterbelts and gardens.

Our nursery offers locally hardened native plants suitable for the region and we also offer a customised seed collection, propagation and planting service.

Collaborative partners

Our partners include a wide range of industry, NGOs, government and community organisations collaborating to make a difference on the ground.