On-Ground Land Management

The Derwent Catchment Project

We are a community land management organisation working to make a visible change in the health of our agricultural and natural landscapes.

Our Strategy

Our strategic plan sets the direction and strategic actions for the Derwent Catchment Project until 2023. It is a working document which is evolving as our organisation grows in capacity.

What we do

Weed management

Strategic, cross-tenure, weed management programs.

River restoration

Working to remove willows and weeds from rivers to provide access for fishing and recreation and revegetating the banks with natives to improve river heath.


Planting locally grown native species for shelter and shade and to improve biodiversity.

Supporting best-practice farming

Strategic, cross-tenure, weed management programs.

Conservation action

We have specialist skills and experience in conservation planning, remnant vegetation and threatened species management.

Strategic planning

We develop practical strategic plans that guide program activities to deliver tangible outcomes on the ground

Become a volunteer

Thanks to volunteers just like you, we are closer to achieving our vision of Tasmania becoming a global leader in nature conservation and sustainability.

Our story

The Derwent Catchment Project was set up to assist landholders to restore and maintain natural and agricultural landscapes across this challenging environment, to ensure a prosperous and sustainable future for the Derwent Catchment.

We Take Action. To Make Better Changes

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Collaborative Partners

Our partners contribute more than money. Their ideas, volunteer power, in-kind support and more are helping build stronger community.